Share a sweet moment with your loved ones with Chocolato cakes!

Whether it’s for a birthday or a baptism, a reception, a graduation, or for the holiday season, our tasty cakes lend themselves to all occasions.

Gelato Cakes

Chocolato innovates by now offering delicious cakes made with its famous 100% homemade Italian ice cream. Each cake consists of one or two layers of gelato or sorbet and is based on a delicious chocolate sponge cake. Pick yours up at the Chocolato shop nearest you! No need to order them in advance; they’re ready to go.

Add a touch of Chocolato Fondue to your cake!

Garnish your cake with a Chocolato canned fondue! Available in milk, white and dark chocolate as well as maple and salted caramel; to create the ultimate combination of flavours!

Canned fondue flavours may vary depending on store location and availability.

Signature Cakes

Give the cream of the crop to your loved ones with our Signature Cakes! Experience unforgettable sweet moments as you savour our variety of creamy cheesecakes bursting with flavour and our decadent chocolate creations. Call the store in advance to make sure the cake you want is available.


Creamy cheesecake with a graham cracker base.


14 portions

Caramel & Carrots Cheescake

Decadent carrot cheesecake, mounted on a graham cracker base and topped with a generous caramel coulis.


14 portions

Raspberry Cheesecake

Sumptuous cheesecake, Greek yogurt and raspberry purée, with graham cracker crust.


14 portions

Maple Delight

Dough topped with a mixture of mousseline, cookie pieces and maple sugar granules, intertwined with salted caramel, all coated with graham cracker crust.


14 portions


Soft layered chocolate cake with chocolate pudding frosting.


14 portions


Four layers of chocolate sponge cake, glazed with chocolate fudge, topped with rosettes, shavings and fine chocolate sticks.


16 portions