A world where your sweetest wishes come true

Chocolato was born of the idea that everyone deserves the best chocolates and desserts that we can offer them. Made with 100% pure chocolate and the creamiest of ice creams, you can expect rich and exquisite flavours. At Chocolato, discover an unparalleled dessert experience thanks to our high-quality products.

The perfect dessert for your unique tastes

With our vast selection of dips, whether you want something to cool off or warn the heart, you’ll find the perfect dessert at Chocolato. A cross between an ice cream and chocolate shop, Chocolato will provide you a unique dessert experience year-round. It’s the place to treat yourself to an ultra-creamy soft ice cream or a flavourful gelato worthy of the Roman gods. Share a tender moment over a fondue or bring a smile to your loved-ones faces by bringing them a box of Leonidas chocolates. No matter the occasion, Chocolato has something for your unique tastes.

Buy & Receive

Buy : Present your card with every purchase of menu items at any Chocolato location.

Receive : A product eligible for free! (Medium sizes of soft ice cream, gelato or beverage as well as the Small Ice Cream Cup, Small Royal Sundae and Half Pizza Dessert).

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Themed Products

Take a look at our themed products. Guaranteed favourites for all your occasions!

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